Moblize Leverages the Power of AWS and Cameyo to Deliver Cloud-Based Solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry

Moblize is a leading provider of cloud-based AI and Big Data solutions for the oil & gas industry. The Moblize suite of solutions mine billions of data points and provide a single source of truth to help oil & gas companies construct wells in a shorter time and achieve the operational efficiencies needed to become a more agile business. 

The Challenge

The power of the Moblize suite is exponentially increased based on the number of data sources it can tap into to analyze. And to provide a seamless, single source of truth experience for its users, it needed to bring the functionality of many disparate apps together within the Moblize platform. However, the oil & gas industry is infamous for its reliance on legacy third-party Windows applications that dont play well together. 

There are a lot of specialized apps in the oil & gas industry, many of which are very good at one thing or solve one specific problem – and most of those apps are Windows-based and only run on Windows desktops,” said Amitt Mehta, CM\EO at Moblize. We needed to take all of these legacy desktop apps and bring them into a cloud environment so that anyone, from anywhere, can access them on any device – even tablets and non-Windows laptops.”

We were trying to figure out how to integrate many disparate third-party Windows apps into our platform. And not just integrate them, but to be able to seamlessly scale all of those apps globally, too,” said Mehta.

The Solution 

Moblize needed a way to bring a multitude of legacy apps into the cloud, without any redevelopment, so that its platform could access those data sources and so that its customers could access all of their critical data in a real-time cloud environment. It also needed to do so in a way that would scale to support a growing global customer base.  

We reviewed several other platforms but we chose Cameyo because, in our testing, Cameyo proved to be the best platform for enabling third-party apps to scale globally, regardless of the customers geographic location or their countrys data privacy laws,” said Mehta.

Cameyos virtual application delivery platform enabled Moblize to fully deploy within days, while ensuring that they could give customers a seamless user experience by enabling them to access the full desktop version of the software theyre used to, from any HTML5 browser on any device. 

The Power of Cameyo & AWS

A few years back, Moblize decided to migrate to AWS to take advantage of the reliability, performance, and security benefits that AWS is known for. This decision meant that its solution providers would need to be able to support the migration as well. Cameyos platform gives customers complete freedom to utilize Cameyo in any cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environment – making it one of the most flexible virtual application delivery platforms on the market. 

When we decided to migrate to AWS, Cameyo’s ability to operate in AWS was critical. Cameyo enabled us to quickly and easily self-host their platform in our instance of AWS without the need to install additional gateways or appliances. We only needed to spin up a Windows Server in AWS and install Cameyo on it. Its really impressive how simple theyve made it,” said Mehta.

And while AWS is our cloud partner of choice globally, its comforting to know that if we have a customer that needs to operate in a country with strict data privacy laws where AWS doesnt have local data centers, Cameyo gives us the flexibility to support customers in any environment.”

Key Benefits

Rapid Deployment – From a business perspective, it’s all about time to market. From the time when we first discovered Cameyo, to the time it took us to test, to the time we were fully deployed – that whole process was just a couple of weeks. The actual deployment of Cameyo took only a couple of days. The fact that Cameyo is so much less complex than other solutions enabled incredibly quick time to market,” said Mehta.

Partnership –The real test of a successful business partnership is how that partner supports you not just in good times, but in bad times. Cameyo has really been responsive to our changing needs throughout the pandemic, going the extra mile from a support perspective, and even giving us additional discounts when needed as we weather the pandemic-induced market conditions,” said Mehta.  

Cost Savings –Even without the discounted pricing, Cameyo is by far more cost-effective compared to the other solutions we tested. Not only is Cameyos pricing more attractive, but where we really see the cost savings is the overall reduction in complexity and the time required to manage the solution on an ongoing basis. Id say Cameyo reduces total cost of ownership related to integration complexity and management by at least 25 percent,” said Mehta.