Automate Software Trials

Eliminate the need to install software as part of your free trial process, dramatically increasing conversions.

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Sales Automation Does Not Stop at Your CRM

If you’re like most ISVs, you offer a free trial that involves a sales engineer installing software in the customer’s environment. Stop wasting your (and your customers’) time and money on a costly sales process that impedes trial conversions.

Automate Software Trials with Cameyo

Instant Access

Customers start a trial instantly when most interested in your product.

No Installs

Customer gets immediate access and a seamless experience.

CRM Integration

Better understand how customers interact with your software.

Run Software Trials from the Cloud

What if your prospective customers could access your software immediately from your website with nothing to install? 

Increase the Number of Monthly Trials

Running software trials from the cloud gives you the ability to run hundreds of simultaneous trials at any time.

Lower Sales Costs

How much time and money could you save by automating your trials? What if your account executives and sales engineers could spend more time on larger deals? 

Integrates with your CRM

Improve your trials by understanding your customers’ journey. Integrated chat gives trial users the ability to talk to support directly in the trial.

Increase Engagement and Lower Sales Costs

ClockOn, Australia’s most powerful rostering, attendance and payroll system, is using Cameyo’s Automated Trial Service to give their customers a free 30 day trial of their software.

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