FERPA Compliance

The Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students’ education records.

Cameyo is aware that Customers using Cameyo products and services may collect student information that is considered confidential under FERPA.

Cameyo maintains reasonable administrative, physical and technical standards to ensure that no unauthorized persons are able to gain access to any student information that may be considered confidential under FERPA. For example:

I. By default data is stored and maintained in the Customer’s environment.

II. By default personal data is not stored on a Cameyo server unless explicitly configured to do so by the customer.

III. All user accounts have passwords and brute-force login protection.

IV. If a student contacts Cameyo support, the student would be referred to a member of the customer’s staff.

V. Cameyo customers can completely delete their Cameyo account and effectively erase all data associated with the customer’s server at any time.

Cameyo enables Customers to comply with their FERPA obligations when using our services. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information regarding how we process information on your behalf.