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Protect your investment in legacy Windows and web apps and enable your people to work from anywhere by simply & securely delivering software from the browser. No VPNs needed.


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Transform the Way People Access their Apps

Enable a distributed workforce that can productively and securely work from anywhere, on any device – without the cost and complexity of virtual desktops. With Cameyo your people get access to the full desktop version of all their apps from any HTML5 browser, which means they have nothing new to learn and nothing to impede their productivity. Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery platform simply sets up in hours, not weeks, and enables you to scale globally with either a fully-hosted solution in your choice of Google Cloud or Azure, or with Cameyo self-hosted in your existing cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environment.   

Hybrid Work

Increase productivity. Protect your workers. No virtual desktops required.


Competitive differentiator with simplified management and billing.


Deliver Windows and internal web apps without the need for VPNs. 


Eliminate PC labs and enable distance learning from any device.

VDI Replacement

You hate managing it. CIOs hate paying for it. There’s a better way.


Deliver software from the browser. Save millions on redevelopment.


A simple way to run Windows apps on Chromebooks.

BYO Cloud

Install Cameyo in your existing cloud – Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.

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“Unlike Nutanix Xi Frame and Citrix XenApp, there is no complicated infrastructure to deploy and manage. Not only were we up and running with Cameyo in less than three hours, but we can also deploy new apps almost instantly. We never have to re-image or deal with a Golden Image. Cameyo could not be easier.”

Emir Saffar, CIO at Ur&Penn

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Global FSI Saves Millions & Delivers Apps to Remote Workers

Cameyo delivers business critical apps to thousands of remote workers on 2G/3G networks with NoVPN

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Enabling 500 Remote Workers in Just 3 Hours

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What is a Windows legacy application?

According to TechTarget, a legacy application (legacy app) is a software program that is outdated or obsolete. Although a legacy app still works, it may be unstable because of compatibility issues with current operating systems, browsers and IT infrastructures. 

How can I modernize a legacy application?

Before Cameyo there were two primary ways of modernizing a Windows legacy application. The first, and preferred method, is to redevelopment application. The other way is to virtualize the application. Unfortunately, the two methods are complex, expensive, take a lot of time and often times don’t work.

How does Cameyo modernize Windows legacy applications?

Cameyo is a built for the cloud application virtualization service. You simply load your legacy software on our fully hosted or self hosted server. At this point, the app is published giving users the ability to run the legacy application in an HTML5 browser. Independent Software Vendors use Cameyo to deliver their legacy software to their customers on any device as a service.

Can I use Cameyo to migrate a legacy application to the cloud?

Yes. Many of our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers are in the process of migrating their on-premises data centers to GCP. Typically they run a hybrid environment for months or even years. To start, customers will install Cameyo Server in their on-prem or current environment. As the move to the cloud, they migrate the Cameyo server over to the new cloud environment. GCP customers can use the Cameyo App for GCP for seamless integration in their GCP account.

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