Secure App Delivery for Hybrid & Remote Work

Cameyo is a simpler, more secure alternative to legacy VDI & DaaS products, enabling you to cost-effectively deliver all your business-critical applications to any device. Regardless of whether your workforce is remote, in-office, or a hybrid, Cameyo helps make your employees more productive from any device with our secure Virtual App Delivery  (VAD) platform.

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Making Hybrid & Remote Work, Work for You

Cameyo’s Virutal App Delivery (VAD) platform helps you provide your employees with seamless, secure access to all of the applications they need to securely & productively work from anywhere (WFx) – all while protecting your corporate resources and business continuity. Cameyo’s hybrid & remote work products help businesses of all sizes implement a long-term and cost-effective solution for enabling the future of work.

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Why Switch from Legacy VDI/DaaS to Cameyo

If your organization utilizes Citrix and/or VMware products and services, you’re likely concerned about the future of those organizations now that they’ve each been acquired and what this will mean for their ongoing support and development of the digital workspace technologies you rely on. Just as these acquisitions mark a changing of the guard from legacy VDI/DaaS to Cloud Desktops/Virtual App Delivery (VAD), it also marks an opportunity for your organization to migrate and adopt cloud-native solutions that can significantly reduce your costs, deliver a better user experience, and increase your organization’s overall security.

Cameyo Helps Businesses Transition to a Digital Workspace

“Without Cameyo, we would have lost our entire business,” said Mr. Quinn. “Even though we’re still working on getting the rest of our students back, we wouldn’t have been able to offer the online program at all without Cameyo’s platform. Cameyo literally saved my business.”

Jeffrey Quinn, Principal and Founder of Frontrunner Learning Centres. 

Increase Productivity

Studies have shown that enabling hybrid & remote work results in greater productivity – but only if your people have seamless access to the critical applications and tools they need to do their jobs from anywhere. Cameyo enables you to easily provide access to all of your business-critical Windows apps to any employee, on any device to help increase productivity regardless of where they’re working from that day. 

Protect Your People & Data

Ransomware and attacks targeting remote & hybrid workers have skyrocketed. Cameyo enables you to protect your people, network, and data by enabling hybrid & remote work policies while also ensuring that they never lose access to the applications they need to stay productive. And our Zero Trust security model helps reduce your overall attack surface.  

Reduce Cost & Complexity

Providing your people with virtual access to applications used to require VDI or DaaS products, which are too costly and complex for many organizations. Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform eliminates the need for costly infrastructure, reduces management costs, and simplifies the user experience – all while reducing cost by up to 70% compared to VDI.

More of What Customers Are Saying About Cameyo 

You can learn more about what your peers are saying about Cameyo on G2, the world’s largest peer-review site for SaaS providers. Especially when compared against legacy VDI and DaaS providers, you’ll see why customers rave about Cameyo’s cloud-native approach to delivering all their apps to any device via Cloud Desktops.

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“Employees are demanding remote work policies, bring-your-own-device programs, and broader use of mobile devices and applications. To remain competitive, employers must enable this modern technology experience while implementing the appropriate endpoint management and security controls, plus associated employee training, needed to protect the organization and its users from security threats.”

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at ESG

FAQs About Hybrid & Remote Work and Cameyo

How does Cameyo help enable remote work?

Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform utilizes virtual application delivery, enabling IT admins to quickly and easily give all of their employees access to the specific Windows and internal web applications they need – on any device, regardless of OS – directly from the browser. That means that if your entire workforce suddenly needs to work from home using their own personal devices, you can give them access to all of their business-critical Windows applications no matter what their personal device is (Mac, Chromebook, tablets, etc.). 

Why not just use web-enabled apps?

The reality is that many of the applications people rely on every day simply haven’t been web-enabled yet. And many web-enabled versions of software don’t have feature parity with the desktop version. Cameyo gives everyone access to the full desktop version of their critical software, in any browser. 

Need more information?

We have started a blog series on enabling remote and hybrid work during the age of coronavirus. You can read the entire series on our blog, or start with these articles:

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Is Cameyo safe for my employees to use on their personal devices?

Absolutely – it’s actually far more secure than letting employees work on their own devices without Cameyo. Because Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform separates the application from the OS, there’s no danger that if a user’s machine is compromised that it can impact your enterprise environment. IT admins can also set permissions to determine whether or not users are allowed to save documents locally to their personal devices or if they can only save to their business’ cloud storage (Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, etc.) to prevent sensitive documents from being saved outside the enterprise. You can even prevent users from copying and pasting data outside the browser session and printing. 

What is the user experience like?

Your users get the full desktop version of their applications, but they simply run in a browser tab without the application needing to be installed and managed on their devices. 

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