Xpedeon Selects Cameyo to Deliver its Industry-Leading ERP System as SaaS with Zero Redevelopment

Xpedeon is a leading ERP solution purpose-built for the construction industry, which enables construction organizations to seamlessly connect all sites, departments, and functions on a single purpose-built platform.

In 2019, Xpedeon realized that its desktop solution – which could only be installed on Windows PCs – was limiting the overall adoption of Xpedeon in the industry.

“Our desktop solution was limited to Windows devices, which prevented organizations from using it on Macs, Chromebooks, or other systems,” said Rajesh Ganeshan, IT Manager at Xpedeon. “Not only did that limit our total addressable market, but it also required the IT teams at our customers to manage and maintain the software on all those devices. Especially as our customers grow and need more users, managing that software on more devices becomes a headache.”

To provide their users with secure web-based access to the ERP software, Xpedeon’s customers were forced to seek out virtualization solutions on their own. Which is when Xpedeon recognized a trend.

Eliminating Virtual Desktop Complexity 

One well-known side effect of the complexity of virtual desktops like Citrix is the need for third-party experts and services to get everything to work, which further increases the overall price of those solutions. 

“If you want to deploy VDI or DaaS solutions like Citrix or VMware, you have to have specialized knowledge. And if you don’t have those certified resources internally, you’re going to need third-party contractors to help deploy and manage the solution for the long term. What we found is that this was not viable for a majority of our customers,” said Rajesh.

“Ultimately, the fact that our customers had to go find a virtualization solution on their own was a problem, and it was hindering adoption of Xpedeon.”

Providing SaaS Access with Zero Redevelopment 

The Xpedeon team determined that to provide the best service to their customers and to enable every organization to adopt their platform regardless of device, it needed to move to a SaaS model. But, in their estimates, it would take at least one and a half years and cost over a million dollars to completely redevelop their solution for the web. 

“It’s not just the time and cost of redevelopment – it’s the competitive advantage that we would have lost. Converting our platform to a web-based version would have taken years, and by the time we had it done, the ship would have sailed and we would have lost business to other SaaS-enabled solutions,” said Rajesh. 

“And because we had experience with Citrix and several other virtual desktop-based solutions in the past, we knew we needed to find a better way. That’s when we discovered Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery solution,” said Rjaesh.

“When I first started my free trial of Cameyo, I was up and running within two hours, all without having to reach out to Cameyo for help at all. I was really surprised. It worked like a breeze, with zero outside help,” said Rajesh. “From the very start, I was impressed. And it was clear right away that this was the best, most secure, and most seamless path to SaaS-enabling our solution overnight.”

Better Together – Cameyo and Google Cloud

As Xpedeon completed its evaluation of Cameyo, another benefit quickly surfaced – Cameyo’s integration with Google Cloud. 

“We had already selected Google Cloud as our cloud partner, so we really wanted to find a solution that had a proven track record of delivering apps from Google Cloud. The fact that Cameyo is so integrated with Google Cloud and would enable us to either use their fully-hosted solution in Google Cloud or self-host Cameyo in our own instance – that was another key benefit,” said Rajesh.

“We selected Google Cloud because of its security and reliability, and Cameyo’s security, flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness are a perfect complement. With Cameyo on Google Cloud, I can rest easy knowing that we’ll always be able to provide secure access for our customers,” said Rajesh. 

The Results

Xpedeon has been a Cameyo customer since 2019, and in the past four years, they’ve recognized the following key benefits:

  • Cost Reduction – “Based on our experience and the feedback we have received from customers who previously used Citrix, Cameyo is significantly more cost-effective than Citrix,” said Rajesh.
  • Ease of Use – “Cameyo worked right away. I was up and running in hours, with zero help, and no need for third-party contractors or integrators. And from our customers’ perspective, Xpedeon is just a SaaS solution now – they don’t need to do anything special to access it. They simply log in and get access to the full desktop version of our software, delivered seamlessly via the web,” said Rajesh.
  • Scalability – “Unlike virtual desktop solutions that get more complex and expensive as the size of your organization and end-users grow, Cameyo is incredibly scalable. The Cameyo platform has built-in elasticity that automatically spins servers up and down as needed with zero intervention needed from me. That elasticity, paired with Cameyo’s usage optimization capabilities, means that Cameyo easily scales with little effort from our team,” said Rajesh. 
  • Services & Support – “For four years now, anytime we needed anything, Cameyo has been incredibly responsive and helpful. Even though we’re based in India, Cameyo’s global presence and support was always quick to respond. Also, Cameyo’s team has been a true partner – they listen to our feedback and they work with us,” said Rajesh. 

Growing 50X and Delighting Customers

“We’ve been using Cameyo since 2019, and in four years we’ve increased the number of users on our platform by 50X. Not only has Cameyo been a perfect partner for enabling seamless, secure, web-enabled access to our platform from any device – they’ve helped us do so in a way that truly delights our customers,” said Rajesh.

“By web-enabling our platform with Cameyo, we didn’t have to give up any of the capabilities of our desktop software during the redevelopment process. Customers get the same platform they’ve always relied on – with the exact same experience – but now they can easily access it from anywhere and on any device,” said Rajesh.

“For any software companies that are daunted by the idea of completely re-developing their solutions for the web, I have good news – you don’t need to! Just give Cameyo a try. There’s no easier way to instantly give your customers SaaS access to your software,” said Rajesh.