Road Map

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WaveXcoins Road Map

22nd Feb 2018

WaveXcoins Formation, Technical Framework & Smart Contract Creation

31st August 2018

Whitepaper release & Website Development

1st May 2022

Pre Sale Token Distribution, Community Activation, Team Building, Developer's Network Expansion & Advisors Program Launch

1st May 2022
Mobile App Launch

Both on App Store and Google Playstore

1st June 2022
Alpha Release

Network Component Development & Documentation, WaveXcoins Exchange Development, Platform Enhancement & Testing & Security Checks

1st June 2022
Exchange Trading

Lowest exchange gas fees for both centralized & decentralized trading

1st August 2022
NFT Marketplace
31st December 2022
Beta Release

Beta Network Deployment, IPFS Integration, Decentralised Marketplace & Competition Hosting

31st December 2022
Decentralised Exchange
31st March 2023
E-Com Platform

Introduce E-com website platform for India and US or acquire already existing known E-com platforms

1st April 2023
Community Funding

Platform Launch & Fund Allocation

31st December 2023
Blockchain Development

Set up of professional latest blockchain technology

31st March 2024
Forex License

Aim to get UK/Europe forex license for trading and transactions of cryptocurrencies