Tático ERP Replaces Citrix with Cameyo to Provide Customers with Install-Free Cloud Access

Tático ERP is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform in Brazil, providing organizations with a platform of integrated applications for managing financials, contracts, help desk, timekeeping, CRM, and many other back-office functions.

Three years ago, Tatico saw a trend that more organizations wanting to utilize their platform had users on a variety of platforms, especially Apple devices. At the time, it’s ERP suite ran only on Windows, and needed to be physically installed  – there was no web-enabled option.

“This became a serious limiting factor for us when speaking with potential customers,” said Henrique Netzka, CEO of Tatico. “We needed to be able to sell our platform to any company, regardless of the types of devices their employees used – not just Windows-only organizations. So we set out to web-enable our platform to better serve a greater number of organizations.”

Option 1 – Redevelop

Tatico initially looked into the possibility of completely re-developing their entire platform for the web so that customers could access the Tatico suite on any device, from the browser. After researching their options for redevelopment, Tatico came to the same conclusion as many independent software vendors (ISVs) faced with the same situation – the cost and time involved in redevelopment simply was not viable.

“It would have taken $2M to redevelop our suite for the web, and it would have taken at least 18 months,” said Netzka. “It simply didn’t make economic sense.”

In addition to the time and cost involved, Tatico was also concerned about ensuring feature parity for the web version.

“Often times with these redevelopment projects, companies are forced to make compromises in the functionality of the web version in order to get it to market faster,” said Netzka. “We are not wiling to compromise the user experience of our customers, so it was very important to us that they be able to access 100% of the features and functionality of the suite, from the web.”

Option 2 – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With redevelopment off the table, Tatico began looking into ways to provide their customers and prospects with access to the Tatico suite via traditional virtualization desktop infrastructure (VDI) tools. Ultimately, Tatico decided to roll out access to their suite via Citrix.

“Citrix was our main choice, but it ended up not working out at all,” said Netzka.

The three issues Tatico ran into with Citrix were:

  • User Experience – “Citrix did not provide a good environment for our users. People were frustrated with the degraded experience.”
  • Complexity – “Citrix was very complicated to deploy and manage. And even once it was deployed, it was very heavy on our server side, and also really heavy on our users’ devices.”
  • Cost – “There are costs involved in all of the setup and deployment time, as well as all of the time we spent managing and maintaining Citrix. But there are also more straightforward hard costs. We spent a ton of money virtualizing servers on our side.”

The Resolution

Ultimately Tatico decided it needed to take a different approach and replaced Citrix with Cameyo’s Digital Workspace solution. With Cameyo, Tatico was able to quickly and easily give all of their current and future customers access to the full desktop version of the Tatico suite, from any type of device, directly from the browser.

“When we first saw Cameyo in action, we quickly realized that our users wouldn’t have to download, install, or manage anything in order to use our suite,” said Netzka. “It was like a dream come true. Our users would get the same exact experience as the installed version of the software, but on any device, without having to install anything.”

Netzka notes three key benefits Tatico has experienced with Cameyo:

  • Ease of Use – “With Cameyo, our users don’t have to do anything. There’s nothing to install on their employees’ devices and there’s nothing to manage. It couldn’t be simpler, and for three years now Cameyo has provided an amazing experience for our users.”
  • Control – “Cameyo gives us 100% control of the environment. We no longer have to worry about whether or not a customer has Windows, or if they have an old version of Windows. With Cameyo, we’ve removed the user’s OS from the equation. And making product updates has become a breeze. We can simply update the application on Cameyo and all of our web-based users instantly have access to the latest version.”
  • Accessibility – “Almost overnight, Cameyo made Tatico available to users on tablets, Chromebooks, Apple devices – anything!” 

By making the Tatico ERP suite available to all users on any device with zero redevelopment, the Cameyo platform has helped to fundamentally change Tatico’s business model.

“We simply would not have been able to sell to organizations with Apple or Chromebook users. Cameyo has helped unlock a whole new addressable market for the Tatico ERP suite,” said Netzka.