ClienTrax Cloud-Enables It’s Vet Tracking Software with Cameyo

For 30 years ClienTrax has been a leading Veterinary Practice Management application provider, delivering a solution with the powerful features needed to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of their customers’ veterinary practices.

Throughout those 30 years, ClienTrax has been available only as a PC or Mac application. But as more solutions moved to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ClienTrax recognized that it needed to provide a web-based version of its platform as well.

The Competitive Edge

“The simple reality is that in most sales conversations these days, the first question from customers is ‘do you have a web-based solution?’ – and if you can’t answer yes to that, your solution will not be considered. Without a SaaS offering, you’re just out of the deal,” said Craig Markus, Director of Operations, ClienTrax. “In order to continue to compete, we knew we needed to redevelop our application for the web.”

However, ClienTrax quickly realized that redevelopment is not an easy path. ClienTrax is an in-depth solution that has grown and evolved constantly over 30 years to meet the specific, changing needs of the veterinary industry.

“We figure it will take as much as 4 years for us to completely re-write the app for the web before we can deliver this as a true SaaS offering,” said Markus. “In the meantime, we needed a way to provide our customers with web-based access to the app today so that we could maintain our competitive edge.”

Going SaaS with Zero Redevelopment

ClienTrax began searching for a solution that would enable customers to access the full desktop version of their application via the web today. It initially looked at remote desktop products like Parallels and Remote App, but determined the economics would not work for their business.

“The more we evaluated, the more we realized that the cost and complexity of Parallels and other remote desktop apps simply wasn’t feasible,” said Markus.

Then, Markus discovered Cameyo.

“Within hours of evaluating Cameyo, I saw how easy it was to offer our existing software as a web-enabled application with Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform,” said Markus. “The best part is, Cameyo requires absolutely zero application redevelopment on our end.”

The Same Experience, Available Anywhere and On Any Device

Being able to provide existing and potential customers with a SaaS version of their application was critical, but ClienTrax also understood that they needed the web-enabled version to have the same functionality as the software version.

“Even though customers now prioritize the ability to access their solutions via the web, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to accept a deprecated version that’s lacking critical functionality,” said Markus. “With Cameyo, we’re able to give customers access to the full desktop version of our software with 100 percent of the functionality – they simply access the application via the browser instead of having the software installed locally. Existing customers get the same exact experience they’ve always had with nothing new to learn, and new customers don’t have to worry about getting a different experience than desktop users.”

Security Meets Simplicity

Considering the sensitivity of the information that its veterinary customers deal with, security is always top of mind when it comes to any solution being considered. ClienTrax needed a solution that could deliver its application to any device via the browser while separating the app from the OS and ensuring all information was secure.

“Cameyo is the most secure approach I’ve experienced for virtual application delivery,” said Markus. “Our customers have access to the application, but they don’t have access to the servers. Cameyo runs in HTTPS, everything is encrypted, and it ensures that everything the user works on in the application is separate from the device. So even if the device they are working from has a vulnerability, the information they utilize within the web-based version of ClienTrax is kept separate and cannot be accessed by the device.”

“And better yet, Cameyo simplifies the entire process,” said Markus. “I don’t have to worry about setting up new servers or constantly maintaining all of the servers – the Cameyo platform dynamically handles all of that in the background.”


“When looking at competing solutions, the cost and complexity alone were non-starters for us,” said Markus. “Cameyo not only eliminates the cost & complexity, but it is also incredibly simple to use – both on our end and for our customers. There’s simply no more secure, cost-effective, and simple way to deliver any app to any device from the web.”